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Simplify your shipping

with Pure Freight Management.

Shipment Solutions

Simplify your shipping with Pure Freight Management. 

Our extensive carrier network, backed by an asset-based partner, ensures reliable delivery at competitive prices.


We only work with high-quality carriers and provide constant visibility through our advanced technology platform, allowing you to track shipments 24/7. 

View our full truckload competitive rates up to 14 days in advance.

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Becomea PFM Carrierr

Become a PFM Carrier

Partner with PFM and become a PFM-approved Carrier. Our team will work with you to understand your business and provide consistent freight opportunities, with support from our dedicated carrier sales team to find the right freight and minimize wait times.

Experience seamless freight management with  PFM 

Discover, Call, Book, Drive & get Paid with

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Are you an owner-operator or an independent driver?


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Take the first step towards lowering operating costs, accelerating productivity and customer satisfaction.

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